Chocolate Audio releases Modern Retro Drums for Kontakt - Launch Offer

Chocolate Audio is proud to announce the immediate availability of Modern Retro Drums for Kontakt 5.5.2 and up.

Modern Retro Drums features 4 full drum kits sampled from:

  • a 1997 Sonor Designer kit played with sticks and hotords
  • a Tama Starclassics kit played with stick and brushes

The kits come with 4 sets of cymbals sampled from a Zildjian set (sticks and hotrods) and a Turkish set (sticks and brushes) and additional Cymbals (Sabian and Ufip) and 6 snares from Ludwig, Sonor and Tama, presented in 13 different versions.

These kits have been largely used since the '90s to craft some of the best selling music ever recorded.

  • 15 GB compressed sample content size
  • 67499 samples
  • 4 full drum kits (2 sticks + 1 brushes + 1 hotrods)
  • 72 drum pieces
  • sampled in full detail: up to 300 samples per articulation and up to 11 round robin (Kontakt) 
  • integrated, advanced MIDI player with 19 Styles, made up of 1119 patterns recorded by a top session drummer
  • up to 4 close mics
  • 4 room channels: Overhead stereo, Overhead mono ribbon, Room U87 and Room PZM
  • warm and deep sound, recorded through an analog tape machine
  • tuning, velocity curve and AHD envelope controls on each drum
  • 25 global factory presets
  • 36 custom IR reverbs
  • 6 HiHat openings.
  • custom-built Kontakt Drummer Engine v. 2.0: introduces the Player, a complete MIDI Style composition and real-time performance tool.

Modern Retro Drums is available now for a list price of USD 129.00. There is a launch offer until May 15th 2016 at USD 89.00, a saving of 31%.