Drum Singles Collection for Kontakt

A collection of our widely sought-after drum samples

The Drum Singles Collection features all of the samples and sounds from our current product line:

The current collection features 145.000 samples, 37.5 GB in compressed sampled content and 149 drum pieces!

Videos - Quick Tips

Featuring a few short videos showing off the interface and main functions and tips/tricks.

Please watch in HD, otherwise the sound quality will be deeply compromised

Audio Demos

These demos were crafted using the BFD or Kontakt versions of the full Drummer products. They show off the sound rather than what you can do with the engine (which is shown in the videos above).

Anything goes: Triggering, Finger-Drumming, eDrumming, Programming, name it!

A no frills User Interface with just two simple pages:

  • Load a full kit Multi NKM or a single kit piece NKI

  • Select the controlling MIDI Channel

  • Load the preferred sound

  • Eventually:

    • Balance the microphones and optionally feed them into separate channels in your DAW

    • Set to taste macro and micro tuning, round robin, envelope and velocity-based interactions

    • Change the controlling MIDI keys in the Mapping Page

  • Done!

Some applications

  • Simplify workflow and reduce memory and CPU footprint when you do not need a full drum kit in the production you are doing

  • Drum triggering:

    • Easily assign more than one drum or sample to the same MIDI Key allowing for real time drum replacement or layering using any of the available drum triggering plugins

    • Use the embedded audio to Midi functions present on many platforms (Logic, Sonar...)

  • Stack as many drums as you want on a single Midi key

  • Create hybrid kits using our sounds or integrate other developers’ kits with our drums

  • Open up endless sound design possibilities having the chance to layer, re-direct, retune, change envelope on each drums separately

  • Finely tune the velocity response of each drum allowing you to better complement a live e-drumming or finger-drumming or to create velocity split stacks of different sounds

  • (Your own creative ideas here)

Tons of tone-mastered drums

  • about 37.5 GB (compressed) of samples

  • 145000 samples

  • 8 full drum kits (including kits played brushes and rods)

  • 149 drum pieces

Kick selection

  • Gretsch 1980 24x16 Kick

  • Gretsch 1980 24x16 Kick (Swap Kicks)

  • Gretsch Concert Rock Close Kick Felt

  • Gretsch Concert Rock Close Kick Plastic

  • Gretsch Concert Rock Close Loose Kick Felt

  • Gretsch Concert Rock Close Loose Kick Plastic

  • Gretsch Concert Rock Open Kick Felt

  • Gretsch Concert Rock Open Kick Plastic

  • Ludwig Close Kick Felt

  • Ludwig Close Kick Plastic

  • Ludwig Hole Damp Kick Felt

  • Ludwig Hole Damp Kick Plastic

  • Ludwig Hole Kick Felt

  • Ludwig Hole Kick Plastic

  • Ludwig Open Damp Kick Felt

  • Ludwig Open Damp Kick Plastic

  • Sonor Designer Close Felt

  • Sonor Designer Close Plastic

  • Sonor Designer Hole Felt

  • Sonor Designer Hole Plastic

  • Sonor Designer Open Felt

  • Sonor Designer Open Plastic

  • Tama Starclassic Close Felt

  • Tama Starclassic Hole Damp Felt

  • Tama Starclassic Hole Damp Plastic

  • Tama Starclassic Hole Loose Felt

  • Tama Starclassic Hole Loose Plastic

  • Tama Starclassic Open Felt

  • Tama Starclassic Open Plastic

Snare Selection

  • Tama 1980 Bell Brass 14x6.5 Snare

  • Ludwig 1970 Black Beauty Maple 14x6.5 Snare

  • Gretsch 14x5 Snare

  • Ludwig 14x6.5 Maple Snare

  • Pearl 14x8 Maple Snare

  • Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5 Ring Snare Stick

  • Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5 Snare Brush

  • Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5 Snare Stick

  • Ludwig Chrome-plated Brass 14x5 Snare Brush

  • Ludwig Chrome-plated Brass 14x5 Snare Stick

  • Ludwig Supraphonic 14x5 Snare Brush

  • Ludwig Supraphonic 14x5 Snare Stick

  • Tama Copeland Sign. 14x5 Snare Brush

  • Tama Copeland Sign. 14x5 Snare Stick

  • Ludwig 14x6.5 Maple Hotrod

  • Ludwig 14x6.5 Maple Stick

  • Sonor Designer 14x5 Hotrod

  • Sonor Designer 14x5 Stick

  • Sonor Designer 14x6.5 Hotrod

  • Sonor Designer 14x6.5 Stick

  • Ludwig Supraphonic 14x5 Stick

  • Tama S. Phillips 12x5 Brush

  • Tama S. Phillips 12x5 Stick

  • Tama Starclassic Cloth 14x5 Stick

  • Tama Starclassic Damp 14x5 Stick

  • Tama Starclassic 14x5 Brush

  • Tama Starclassic 14x5 Stick"

Tom Set Selection

  • Gretsch 1980 Tom Set (4 rack + 1 floor)

  • Gretsch (4 rack + 1 floor)

  • Ludwig Brush (1 rack mid + 2 floor)

  • Ludwig Stick (1 rack mid + 2 floor)

  • Sonor Designer Toms Hotrod

  • Sonor Designer Toms Stick

  • Tama Starclassic Toms Brush

  • Tama Starclassic Toms Stick

Hi Hat Selection

  • Zildjan New Beats HiHat 14

  • Ufip HiHat 14

  • Zildjian Vintage HiHat 14 Brush

  • Zildjian Vintage HiHat 14 Stick

  • Zildjian Hi-Hat Hotrod

  • Zildjian Hi-Hat Stick

  • Turkish Hi-Hat Brush

  • Turkish Hi-Hat Stick

Ride Cymbal Selection

  • Zildjan A Sweet Ride 21

  • Ufip Ride 22

  • Ufip Ride Riveted 22

  • Turkish Ride 22 Brush

  • Turkish Ride 22 Stick

  • Zildjian K Costantinopole Ride 21 Brush

  • Zildjian K Costantinopole Ride 21 Stick

  • Zildjian Ride Hotrod

  • Zildjian Ride Stick

  • Sabian Ride Brush

  • Sabian Ride Stick

  • Ufip Ride Brush

  • Ufip Ride Stick

Cymbal Set Selection

  • Zildjan A Cymbals Set

  • Ufip Cymbal Set (Gretsch)

  • Zildjian Cymbal Set Brush (Ludwig)

  • Zildjian Cymbal Set Stick (Ludwig)

  • Zildjian Cymbals Hotrod

  • Zildjian Cymbals Stick

  • Turkish Cymbals Brush

  • Turkish Cymbals Stick

Each cymbal set features a collection of crashes (2 or more), chinas, splashes.

Experience and Quality you can tell

We released our first sample library in 2003, with Scarbee.

We know sampling.

We know how to turn a recording session into a set of coherent, greatly playable sampled instruments. Not just a collection of sounds. This effort needs a lot of love for the instruments, preparation, setup, tuning, time, ear, knowledge, dedication and experience.

Our samples have been used on countless tracks in the last 13 years, counting on an ongoing success still sprawling from our first library, Imperial Drums, re-released in BFD format through FXpansion at the end of 2013, our ever-growing product line and the large large number of companies we worked with along the years: Native Instruments, Ableton, Steinberg, Arobas, Cakewalk and Presonus to name just a few.


  1. Crossgrade to the full Kontakt Drummer + BFD versions of any library in Drums Singles Collection

  2. Crossgrade from any one ore more full Kontakt Drummer + BFD products (Contemporary Vintage, The Black Album, Modern Retro) to Drum Singles Collection

Contact us for pricing and custom order setup.

Drum Singles.png

179.00 USD

(Regular 299.00 USD)

- this Instrument requires the FULL RETAIL VERSION OF NI KONTAKT 5.5.2 or higher
- this Instrument DOES NOT WORK with the Free Kontakt Player
- this Instrument may be acquired only in downloadable format, download size is about 38 Gigabytes, so expect longer download times on slower connections!


  • about 37.5 GB (compressed) of samples

  • 145000 samples

  • 8 full drum kits (including kits played brushes and rods)

  • 149 drum pieces

  • sampled in full detail: up to 300 samples per articulation divided into up to 11 round robins

  • up to 5 round robins on Cymbals and more than 16 dynamics each

  • up to 4 close mics on each drum piece

  • 4 sets of room mics

  • easy multi out assignment

  • custom mapping

  • comes with pre-made Kontakt multis

  • totally modular system

  • digitally recorded at 24 bit / 88.2 KHz, released at 24 bit / 44.1 KHz

Engine Features

  • Read the dive-in manual for the Kontakt version here

  • build your own layered or mixed sounds or full kits

  • very quick startup times

  • up to 4 Close and 6 Room mics

  • tuning, velocity curve, range and limiter and AHD envelope controls on each drum

  • assign single channels to separate outs

  • customize mapping for any control system

  • comes with preset mappings for most popular systems (including our own mapping)

  • up to 12 round robins

  • optionally turn round robin management off and select exactly which sample you want to play back on MIDI input

  • large number of velocity splits (always > 16)