The 88 Series Pianos - Bundle v2

5 of the most realistic and wonderful sounding pianos ever sampled

The 88 Series Pianos bundle features 5 pianos and 7 NKI instrument files for a really expanded set of expressivity under your fingertips.

A special upgrade offer is on the way for current Bundle owners.

Video walk-through

Please watch in HD, otherwise the sound quality will be deeply compromised

Audio Demos

This is a selection of audio demos for the 4 pianos: all of these are recorded right at Kontakt's output and only normalized to -1dB peak.

NEW - Version 2.0 of The 88 Series Pianos engine is out

V. 2 represents a new version of our engine. Here are the changes since v. 1.0 (include v. 1.5 too):


    • Fixed a bug in Mute/Solo logic

    • Fixed bugs in Release, Resonances and Release Trails samples playback

    • Fixed some graphics bugs

    • Other minor bug-fixes


    • Added Previous/Next Preset buttons

    • Added support for continuous Sustain Pedal (Half-Pedaling)

    • Added Advanced Settings page with Key Level Trimmer

    • Added Credits page

    • New GUI


    • Vastly improved .nki program for Model D Grand

    • Dramatically improved CPU and Voice management

    • Improvements in many small aspects of the pianos

The Bundle

This bundle features the following products:

O.D.D. Grand

Model 7 Grand

Model D Grand

Steinbach Upright

Model 80 Electric Grand


The four libraries making up the bundle, a total of 47 and 41736 samples, cover a wide range of styles and crafting methods, from acoustic grand pianos to upright and electric models.

The Model 7 Grand, Model D Grand, Steinbach Upright and O.D.D. Grand Pianos feature 4 separate microphone sources each. O.D.D. features 3 NKI Instruments, each with a different set of 4 microphones each.

The microphones available in the release were chosen among up to 29 different possible sources, all top-notch models and recorded with the shortest possible path to the converters, featuring Millennia, Neve, SSL and Focusrite preamps fed into Apogee converters at 96K.

Additionally we chose the recording venue according to the pianos themselves: a studio with a large concert-like room for the grand codas and a studio with a medium-sized lively room for the upright piano.

The Model 80 Electric Grand is a nice addition, being the only electric piano with proper piano hammer mechanics and a staple of the sound of popular music from the '70s and '80s.

88 Series.png

179.00 USD

(list price 299.00 USD,
in place of 565.00 USD combined prices)

- this Instrument requires the FULL RETAIL VERSION OF KONTAKT 5.5.2 or better, the free Kontakt Player will run this Instrument only in demo mode for a few minutes.
- this Instrument may be acquired only in downloadable format, download size is about 47 Gigabyte, so expect longer download times on slower connections


If you haven't yet received an upgrade offer via email, ask for one HERE


  • 5 Instruments, 7 NKI Instruments

  • 47GB

  • 41736 samples

  • almost 200 presets


  • 4 GB Ram (more if in need of loading more sample sets)

  • Core2Duo or equivalent Mac or PC

  • Kontakt Retail Version: version 5.5.2 or newer

  • MIDI Keyboard