New Product Demos
Several new product demos for Mock Bass, OldFunk and Bonzo Drum Kits have been posted to the Demos page. Thanks to the wonderful musicians who contributed to these additions: Myron Davis, Murray McDowall, Nick Harvey and Linwood Bell.
OldFunk Drum Kit released
The OldFunk Drum Kit was born out of the question: how would funk drummers from the '60s and '70s sound today?

Sized ad 773 MB and with 5 Kick sounds, 10 Snare sounds coming from 3 different Snares, 2 Tom set sounds and a full set of cymbals make up this Download instrument, available now!

Lot of care was put into damping, muting and finding the right beater for the main drum kit pieces, resulting in a wide palette of sound possibilities.Read more...
Bonzo Drum Kit Review - IF Magazine

Bonzo Drum Kit review by Dennis Boxem - Interface Magazine (NL) - September 2007 issue

"The Bonzo Drum Kit: is a real hard, full and open sounding drumkit; more than what you usely can find on most sample CDs. Because of the dynamics, you cannot feel any

 difference with a normally recorded drumkit. A big and wide sound for little money!"


Read/Download the PDF (in Dutch)
Mock Bass Review - IF Magazine

Mock Bass review by Jan Peter Eerenberg - Interface Magazine (NL) - October 2007 issue

"All in all, ChocolateAudio gives you the chance to make a bass sound that is just different from the rest. A good point for dance and electronic music as well as rock music. What More? If they had also give us a fretless bass, then it would have been perfect. But for the asking price, you already get enough for your money."


Read/Download the PDF (in Dutch)
SID XL Review - SOS Magazine

SID XL review by John Walden - Sound on Sound - January 2007 issue - Awarded 5 Stars!

Sound On Sound in the January 2007 issue granted SID XL the famed "5 stars" pedigree and John Walden writes: "So this library ought to sound good - but it sounds absolutely fantastic! I found it impossible not to be impressed by the quality and flexibility provided.
It just sounds like a real kit, beatifully recorded. All the drum kits sound great, but for me the Highlight was the samples of a Ludwig Vistalite, as used by John Bonham. Anyone serious about constructing acoustic drum tracks from saples via MIDI really ought to audition this library.
Imperial Drum XL is about as good as it gets for acoustic drum samples - an instant classic"

SID XL Review - VI Magazine

SID XL review by Nick Batzdorf

published on Virtual Instruments Magazine - April/May 2006 issue 

Read/Download the PDF

Mock Bass released
ChocolateAudio releases the Mock Bass electric bass library. A very high quality samples rendition of a custom made electric bass offered in three different versions for EXS24MKII and Kontakt 2.2.
Read more....
Bonzo Drum Kit released
Our first Downloadable product is the Bonzo Drum Kit, a stereo multi sampled rendition of a Ludwig Vistalite drum kit with Paiste cymbals.
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