How can I buy your products?

Just click the “Add to Cart” button in the product page. You will be taken to our storefront on FastSpring's domain, where you'll be able complete your purchase using the highest standards in online safety.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal and a few others FastSpring might accept based on your location. We don't have any access to the purchaser's financial and credit card data since the processing is carried through FastSpring

Do you offer refunds for wrong purchases?

We can issue a refund on a case-by-case basis: for example if you buy the same product two or more times, or if there is a sale ongoing and you forget to type a coupon code inside the shopping cart. We can’t issue a refund if you don’t own the full version of the software(s) required to run our products.

Do you offer physical delivery?

As general rule, no. If you have serious problems downloading our products we may consider sending you DVDs or a USB-stick for an additional cost. Please, contact us via the support request page for a price quote.

How can I install your products?

Once you have downloaded the .rar or .zip archive file(s) related to your purchase, you need to unzip or unrar them using a software like WinRar (for PC) or UnRarX (for OSX). Just place the folder wherever you want and load the instrument(s) through the Files Tab in Kontakt as described in our pdf Manuals.
It's our best advice to  preserve the internal folder structure of each instrument, however, it is possible to place instruments and samples to separate folders/HDD but Kontakt will ask for the new path of the samples the first time you run the instrument.

How can I add your library in the Libraries Tab in Kontakt?

Like many other third party developers, our libraries will not show in the Libraries Tab. The Libraries Tab is designed to work exclusively with “Powered by Kontakt Player" libraries. Since our libraries are in an open-format you need to open them with the Files Tab.

Will Kontakt Player run your libraries?

In general, no. Kontakt Player will run a demo version of our libraries for a limited time (and with limited editing functions). We strongly recommend a full retail version of Kontakt.

What version of Kontakt do I need?

In the Requirements section of each product's description you'll find a clear reference to which version of Kontakt is required. Please, pay attention that, in order to load a Kontakt instrument, you need to have that precise version or newer, otherwise Kontakt will refuse to load the .nki file (EG: if the requirement is for Kontakt 5.4.1, using Kontakt 5.4 will not load the library at all).

Why Kontakt?

Kontakt builds on its reputation as the industry standard for professional sampling. Our libraries require extensive use of custom scripts that Kontakt can offer. We may release some of our instrument for other formats in the future. Stay tuned.

Can't I get the BFD or Kontakt version of a drum product for cheaper?

No, our business model is designed around giving you the maximum flexibility, when possible.

Do you offer official BFD Expanders?

Yes, we only offer authorized BFD Expanders in agreement with FXpansion.

Do you offer Educational pricing for schools, teachers or students?

Please contact us for inquiries. We don't have an Educational policy in place, but we support educational efforts and we wish to evaluate each single case separately.

Can your products be resold?

ATTENTION! What follows below, represents and official modification to our original EULA

Yes, we allow what is legally called an end-user license transfer. In order for the transfer to be legal, the original buyer and registered user needs to contact us and inform us of the full name and email of the new licensee. Please include also the name of the product to be transferred and your full name and email.

Pay attention that this is done for free for Kontakt libraries. Products for BFD can be transferred, but they occur a fee, due to the licensing system being managed by Fxpansion.

Please note that you CANNOT transfer only the license for the Kontakt version of a product that is both available for Kontakt and BFD. The product is just one, so you need to transfer both versions even if the end buyer is only interested in the Kontakt versions.