Chocolate Audio releases Glissando Concert Harp for Kontakt

Chocolate Audio is introducing today Glissando Concert Harp: a 47-strings Concert Pedal Harp, released for Kontakt and with a custom Glissando engine, a first for scripted instruments.


  • 3.7 GB of compressed samples content (11.6 GB uncompressed).
  • 8244 samples.
  • 2 microphone sets: Stereo ABwith Schoeps CMC6 mics andMidSide Stereo with Neumann and Royer mics.
  • sampled in full detail: up to 1692 samples per articulation and up to 4 round robin.
  • recorded in a warm mid-size room to widen the potential applications.
  • 20 Articulations.
  • 3 types of release samples.
  • Independent management of the instrument's resonances.
  • warm and precise sound, recorded through Millenniapreamps and Apogee Symphony converters.
  • advanced management thanks to our custom advanced scripting engine.
  • recorded at 24-bit / 96 kHz, released at 24-bit / 44.1 kHz.

Kontakt Features:

  • custom graphics with multi-panel access to every detail of the instrument.
  • 2 playing modes, Harp and Piano.
  • exclusive Glissando engine.
  • manage Pedals like an harpist.
  • easy access to the most used Modes and Chords.
  • build your own Articulation Set.
  • full effects section.
  • expand the sound-scape of the harp with envelopes and filters.
  • very quick startup times, just around 400 MB of preload.
  • intelligent voice management.
  • 26 global factory presets.
  • up to 4 round robins.
  • 39 custom IR reverbs.
  • requires Kontakt 5.5.2 or newer, full version only.


99 USD, with an introductory pricing set at 69 USD (30% off list).

Glissando Concert Harp is available now at